This is how we roll.

I finally have some free time to write my review of the new Contours Options Tandem stroller.
Up until now, I had the baby in the stroller and the toddler walking along side like a big kid.  Wouldn’t you know, even big kids get tired. So double stroller time it is!  Now like most Mamas beginning their double stroller quest, I gravitated to the Holy Grail of tandems otherwise known as the City Select by Baby Jogger. 

This is the gold standard in the Babyverse when looking for a double stroller .  I don’t know about you, but I want both my kids to go to university.  Which is why I opted instead for the more affordable but equally awesome Contours Options Tandem stroller.  The City Select will run you over $1k. Yikes! The Contours Options retails for $399.99. Hello!  I am a Peg Perego Mama through and through but after having this behemoth for almost a month now, I wonder how I ever did without it. 

At first glance, it’s a beautiful stroller. Black frame, red and black canopied seats with detachable infant head rests, lap bar, shitty cup holder, yup all the bells and whistles.  My absolute favorite feature is the storage basket.

I can fit a small diaper bag and bags of groceries with no issues. My kids are 4 and 10 months and both sit comfortably in their assigned seats.  My toddler is above average in height so he may graduate from this stroller by his next birthday.  But he still gets a comfortable ride and loves sitting inward facing the baby.   

The stroller comes with an infant seat adaptor which works with most brands of infant carriers.  I had no issues with our Peg Perego Primo Viaggio infant seat.  
This handles and turns exactly like you’d expect a tandem stroller to feel like.  Manoeuvring while shopping isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.  But let’s be honest this thing is a beast.  I feel a little devil may care when pushing this thing through the mall.  The brake is a single bar, easy peasy.  

My least favourite thing about this stroller is the way this stroller locks.  It drives me nuts!  It feels like it isn’t secure.  The front wheels must be in the right position when folding in.  When standing upright, it looks as if it will split open despite the red latch/ lock.  Have no fear, it really is locked and won’t open up.  I’ve never used another tandem stroller so I don’t have anything to compare this too.  Given the size of the stroller, I’m guessing this is comman.

Let’s talk accessories.  This stroller comes with the ever popular inadequate drink/bottle holder.  I’ve had two other strollers before this and still haven’t been satisfied.  I hate these things.  They stick out awkwardly when you’re shopping.  They bang into those theft prevention metal entry bars at places like Toys R Us and Walmart.  Which is why I recommend getting a parent console/stroller organizer.  Again I was drawn to the pricey Skip Hop Grab N Go stroller organizer because I love their products.  The price for a simple black canvas one was $31.99, no bueno.  Instead I got one from 3Sprouts.  These are super cute and they come with a few different animal choices. 

My toddler chose the raccoon cause you know they’re cool.  The Velcro straps fit over the length of the stroller handle bar easily.  You have two drink/bottle holders, a deep pocket for your mobile, teethers or snacks and a small Velcro closure pocket to keep your keys, coffee money, etc.  The drink holders are great.  They’ve held bubble tea, Ninja Turtle water, you name it with no spills.  Contours makes a child tray, shopping basket and weather shield for this stroller.  I will definitely be getting a child tray for each seat.  This retails for $36.99 and the basket is a maybe which retails for $49.99.  

Getting this bad boy in and out of your vehicle is not for the faint of heart.  I am exactly 5’0 feet tall and it feels like I’m pulling a missile launcher out of the trunk.  However, this fits easily into our large suv. 

Overall, I love this stroller.  I wish I had it when I started maternity leave.  If you are a newbie Mama of two and don’t want to break the bank, get it.  

Next time on the blog it’s my back to school special.  Just kidding!  Although I will be reviewing the Yumbox Bento, Nalgene Off The Wall water bottle, etc. 

*All prices quoted are in Canadian dollars.  I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in my blog.  All views and observations are my own.*


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